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How To Guides

Global Handbook of Adhesive and Sealants associations

A global guide to adhesive and sealant associations organised by country including information about membership makeup, membership categories, primary programs, and contact information.

CE Marking for Sealants

A guide for users about the CE marking of sealants.

Guidance to Chemical Hazards labelling

This document provides and overview to Hazard warning labels.

Glossary of Technical Terms

A glossary of acronyms commonly used by the adhesives and sealants industry.

FAQs about the Safe Use of Retail Adhesives and Sealants

This BASA Guide to the safe use of retail adhesives and sealants includes a selection of the most frequently asked questions. Please see Other Guides for information about the correct specification of sealants for use in building and construction.

BASA Guide to the Professional Application of Construction Sealants on Site

The "BASA Guide to the Professional Application of Construction Sealants on Site" is divided into 9 modules for both new build and remedial sealing work.

BS 6213

This companion guide to BS EN ISO11600 provides comprehensive advice on the selection of a sealant for a specific application.Specifiers should also consult the Specifiers Search Engine for more information.

BS EN ISO11600

The world-wide standard for sealants for building construction. This global standard, first introduced in 1993, was revised in 2002 and has recently been adopted as a European standard throughout Europe.The revised standard has been published in its new "EN" format and this BASA Guide provides an easy introduction to the classifications.