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List of Members

Comprehensive information about each company, including a link to company websites can be found below. To search for specific products visit our Adhesives and Sealants Buyers Guide.


Times House
Throwley Way
Tel: 020 8770 7090
Fax: 0208 770 3465

IMCD UK Ltd is a leading Speciality Chemical Distribution Company and is part of the IMCD Group.

IMCD UK have a strong technical focus and work in partnership with many of the market leading raw material suppliers across many different market sectors

With an ever increasing portfolio of products, IMCD UK has become one of the leading distributors for specialities to the Adhesive Industry.

We have a strong product portfolio for the adhesives and sealants markets including:
Aditya Birla carbon blacks
Akzo Nobel surfactants
Arizona TOFA
Ashland cellulosics (CMC, HEC, HPMC, etc)
BASF acrylic monomers
Chemtura polyurethane systems
Dow biocides
DSM Neocryl® acrylics, Neorez® polyurethanes, Urelac® polyesters & various crosslinkers
Eastman HC and rosin based resins & resin dispersions
Eastman coalescing aids & plasticisers
ICAP SIRA pressure sensitive adhesives & pigment pastes
ICL halogenated & phosphate flame retardants
Ineos Indopol® Polybutenes & Cereclor® Chlorinated Paraffins
Kuraray polyvinyl alcohol & polyvinyl butyral
Lomon titanium Dioxide
Mondo talcs
OMG Borchers additives
Roquette starch & dextrin derivatives
Sibelco alumium trihydrate
Solvay inhibitors
Vinnolit PVC
Wacker Vinnapas dispersions, Silres water repellents, HDK fumed silica
Xanthan gums

Imerys Minerals Ltd

Par Moor Centre
Par Moor Road
PL24 2SQ
Tel: 01726 818000

IMERYS is a leading international supplier of high-performance white minerals, extenders and functional fillers to the adhesives and sealants markets.

Drawing on a wide range of minerals with many matching characteristics - including clays, kaolins, calcined kaolins, diatomite, mica and perlite - Imerys Filtration and Additives Europe makes technical products that are essential for these industries.

Brands and Products

Argirec B24
Polwhite B
Polwhite E
Argical M1000
Argical M1200
Polestar 200 Low Moisture

Innovia Solutions Ltd

Unit 2, Fordham House
Newmarket Road
Tel: +44 1638 724912
Fax: +44 1638 720306

Innovia Solutions are a specialty chemical distributor, with a focus on the adhesive and construction chemical industry.
The official partnerships we have built with leading companies - Alberdingk Boley, Celanese, Perstorp, Vencorex, AkzoNobel, FP Pigments – supports our strong technical pedigree.

Working from stocked UK warehouse facilities, coupled with a simple and flexible business model, Innovia Solutions are an easy company to do business with.

United Kingdom & Ireland is the centre of our activities , so whether you need a quick turn-a-round on an order, or you need a specific technical discussion, Innovia Solutions are here to assist.

Innovia Solutions are part of the Ravago Chemicals Group.
Ravago Chemicals are a global chemical distribution company with a leading position in the EMEA and North America region. As a family company, Ravago Chemicals values the long standing relationships with our suppliers and customers.

Instarmac Group plc

Danny Morson Way, Birch Coppice Business Park, Dordon, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B78 1SE.
Tel: 01827 872244
Fax: 01827 874466

Available from the Instarmac Group plc, Ultra Tile is the premium adhesive brand for professional tile fixers, contractors, specifiers and architects. Ultra Floor is its sister commercial flooring product's brand.

The company manufactures a wide range of ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tile adhesives, standard grouts, flexible grouts, floor levellers, and ancillary products. Utilising state-of-the-art research and development techniques in its laboratory to develop new products and meticulously manufactures premium materials in its purpose built manufacturing facility.

Ultra Tile provide expert design, technical advice & specification support. Ultra Tile’s material awareness familiarisation sessions, technical advisory service and specification facilities all contribute towards our dedication to customer satisfaction.

All Ultra Tile and Ultra Floor products are backed by a “Lifetime Guarantee”.

For more information on the Ultra Tile and Ultra Floor ranges contact our Sales team on 01827 871871.

Brands and Products

Ultra Tile ProStick BS
Ultra Tile ProGrip HG -
Ultra Tile SuperWhite
Ultra Tile FineJoint
Ultra Tile WideJoint
Ultra Tile FlexJoint
Ultra Tile ProSeal IT
Ultra Tile ProSet SS
Ultra Tile ProRapid PB
Ultra Tile ProRapid RS
Ultra Tile ProFlex SP
Ultra Tile ProFlex SP+ES
Ultra Tile ProFlex S2 -
Ultra Tile Level IT
Ultra Floor Level IT
Ultra Floor Feather IT
Ultra Floor Patch IT
Ultra Floor Prime IT
Ultra Tile Prime IT FP
Ultra Floor DPM IT

Itac Ltd

Bankfield Mills
M26 1AS
Tel: 01204 573736/7/8
Fax: 01204 862332

Independantly owned manufacturer of adhesives and sealants since 1902.

BS EN ISO 9001:2000 accredited

IIP Accredited

Bespoke compounder of solvent based adhesive and non adhesive coatings

Toll manufacturing facilities also available supported by fully equiped laboratory and technical staff. Including:
Solvent Based Formulating
Bespoke Compounding Service
Custom Compounding Service
Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Heat Reactivatable Adhesives
Textile Adhesive & Non Adhesive Coatings
Laminating Adhesives

ITW Devcon

Unit 3, Shipton Way
Express Business Park
Northampton Road
NN10 6GL
Tel: 0870 458 7388
Fax: 0870 458 9077

ITW Devcon are renowned as technology and market leaders in products and systems for plant maintenance, repair and overhaul operations plus all types of industrial high performance structural bonding.

ITW Devcon distributes a comprehensive range of metal and ceramic filled epoxies, urethanes, adhesives and sealants throughout the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

With over 40 years experience, ITW Devcon offers premium quality products which are used across a vast range of industries, solving problems, saving time, and cutting costs. The product range includes metal and ceramic-based epoxies, which the company has pioneered since the 1950’s, containing either steel, bronze, aluminium, stainless steel or titanium, and when fully cured, can be drilled, taped or machined.

The Flexane Urethane range of liquid and putty formulations has proved to be of enormous value in producing high quality materials for the Tooling and Moulding Industries.

State-of-the-art new generation adhesives offer unmatched performance in the bonding of metals, plastics, composites, and other materials. Devcon have recently launched the Tru Bond light cured adhesives range which offer the flexibility of unlimited open time along with instant curing when exposed to UV light. The Devcon product offering also includes its primary range of 'Devweld' Structural Methacrylate adhesives which provides unparalleled bonding capabilities for temperatures up to 150°C.

Mazel a division of ITW Devcon, specialise in the design and manufacturing of encapsulated shielding - Radishield Radiation Protection System. Its unique formulation provides flexible shielding in both inaccessible and restricted areas where traditional methods of shielding are difficult to provide. Available in flat sheets of various sizes and profiles, together with bespoke moulded units Radishield provides the solution for many shielding applications.

Korroflex a division of ITW Devcon, manufacture high performance crusher backing compounds- Korrobond. Crusher backing is used as a shock absorbing compound in cone crushing machines within quarries. Manufactured to produce a tough, flexible backing material of low viscosity to ensure a free flow into the smallest cavities and contours behind manganese steel. Korrobond crusher backing is used successfully in all types of crushers and designed to accommodate all climatic conditions to prolong the working life of machines.

Products include: Maintenance & Repair Epoxies, Metal Filled Epoxies, Tooling and Production, Abrasion Resistant Wearing Compounds (ZIP PATCH), FLEXANE Products & Accessories, Flooring Products (FLOOR PATCH), Epoxy Adhesives, Methacrylate Adhesives (DEVWELD), Korrobond Crusher Backing, Mazel - Radishield Radiation Protection System

Brands and Products


ITW Plexus

ITW Engineered Polymers
Bay 150 Shannon Industrial Estate
Co Clare
Tel: +353 61 471299

PLEXUS is a division of Illinois Tool Works, which has some 250 operating units in 33 countries worldwide. With its European headquarters based in Kettering, PLEXUS manufactures and supplies its PLEXUS range of structural adhesives to many industries including Automotive, Truck, Mass Transit, Marine and Construction. The unique, high-performance structural adhesives represent a breakthrough in adhesive technology. They offer a combination of convenience, ease of use and superior mechanical strengths for bonding today's engineered plastics, composites and metals.

PLEXUS adhesives can be mixed and dispensed using hand held cartridge dispensers or through automated metermix equipment. They are easy to dispense and possess excellent gap-filling characteristics. The thixotropic formulation of PLEXUS adhesives allow use on vertical or inverted surfaces without sagging and cure on their own at room temperature. PLEXUS's unique methacrylate technology is similar to the chemistry of many recyclable plastics, so PLEXUS adhesives may be reground and remoulded with the plastic.

Brands and Products