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List of Members

Comprehensive information about each company, including a link to company websites can be found below. To search for specific products visit our Adhesives and Sealants Buyers Guide.

Ace Adhesives Limited

Shenstone Drive, Northgate, Aldridge, Walsall, WS9 8TP.
Tel: 01922 459 393
Fax: 01922 743 417

Adbond Packaging Ltd

2 Glenwood Villas,
Fifield Lane,
GU10 3AR
Tel: +44 7525 780610

Adbond Packaging Consulting Ltd is owned by Line Willis, offers help with adhesives and packaging related projects such as Hot-Melt adhesive formulation work for new development projects, re-formulation of existing products for performance enhancement or raw material status change, evaluation of new/novel raw materials for the adhesive industry, adhesive
training, packaging application advice, optimisation or resolving adhesive related issues on packaging production lines.
Line has more than 17 years experience in the
adhesives industry working for National Starch & Chemical and later Henkel. The majority of her time at NSC/Henkel Line worked as senior development chemist in the European R&D group in addition to roles in Technical Service and Technical Key account Management. A past chair of BASA’s and FEICA’s Paper & Packaging Technical Working Group dealing with Food Contact Regulation issues, Recycling & environmental challenges. Line is also a Packaging Technologist and a member of the packaging Society.

AdCo (UK) Ltd

Passfield Business Centre
Lynchborough Road
GU30 7SB
Tel: 01428 751755

AdCo (UK) Limited is a specialist adhesive company supplying a range of highly technical based adhesives, allied products and application equipment to a wide variety of markets including:

· Packaging

· Furniture & Joinery

· Printing & Bookbinding

· Education

· Arts & Crafts

· Building & Construction

· Product Assembly

· Electronics

AdCo has its own range of products and also offer the full range of speciality adhesives and sealants from international manufacturers, all of which have a comprehensive range that compliment each other.

AdCo are official UK distributors for the full range of adhesives from Casco of Sweden, for veneering, laminating and structural timber bonding.

With these product ranges behind us AdCo are able to offer a range of adhesives and allied products that are the envy of many adhesive companies. With our knowledge of adhesives and application techniques we offer a ‘find & supply’ service to all, thus ensuring that any bonding problem can be solved.

AdCo – The Professional’s Choice

Brands and Products

Akzo Nobel (Casco), Nordson, Apollo, Sealock, Proflex, Bostik, Evode, Akzo Nobel, Adhesive Tech, Rapid, Tuskbond, HydraCure, ThermaCure, Proflex, LockFast, ReactaCure.

Adshead Ratcliffe & Co Ltd

Derby Road
DE 56 1WJ
Tel: 01773 826661
Fax: 01773 821215

Adshead Ratcliffe & Co Ltd (ARBO sealants) is a major UK manufacturer whose ARBO brand sealants and adhesives are widely specified in the construction, glazing, engineering, automotive, fire protection industries and many others. With our own manufacturing, laboratories and technical services department, we are able to offer a full architectural sealant specification and technical back-up which includes our unique Arbomaster Warranty Scheme.
If you require own label product manufacturing to your own formulation or to develop a product for your end application, we are here to help.
Our Arbo Facades Solutions Division is able to offer facade system designers and installers a range of EPDM Membrane, VOC free adhesives and other ancillary items to meet the challenging requirements of current building regulations.
Please consult our website at for a wider understanding of our services.

Brands and Products


Advanced Adhesives ltd

Architectural House,
Plummer Street,

Tel: 0191 272 2982
Fax: 0191 272 1747

Advanced Adhesives, ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 accredited provider of High Quality Adhesives providing advanced thermoset formulations and chemistries focusing on distinctive innovative technologies and providing unique, patented and certified Adhesive Technologies. Combined with this high quality is our customer’s reassurance in reliability in performance and longevity of our adhesives. Our Adhesives and expert technical back up bring enhanced value to our customers ensuring their success and the success of their bonded components.

Supplying industry sectors of : Automotive, Marine, Electronics, Aerospace,
Commercial Signage, White goods manufacturing, Construction, Power generation, Military and Engineering.

Our products range includes Anaerobic, Cyanoacrylate, Hybrid MMA Structural Adhesives, Epoxies, Silicone and Polyurethane technology, U.V. Light Curing Adhesives, Hot Melts, Solvents & Water Borne, and High Performance Tapes.

Brands and Products

Loxeal Engineering Adhesives,
Aderis Speciality Adhesives,
Advanced Adhesives,

AGB ChemicalCompliance

33 Claremont Road
Marlow, SL7 1BH
Tel: +44 (0) 7501 404 969

AGB ChemicalCompliance, a consultancy owned by Tony Bingham, offers help with regulatory issues in areas such as:

REACH compliance (auditing, development of compliance processes, upstream / downstream communication, bespoke in-house training)
CLP Regulations (safety data sheets, labels, raw materials)
Food contact regulatory issues
Sustainable Development
Training on regulatory issues
Competent Authority engagement (e.g., representation/negotiation on your behalf with Government bodies)
Review and analysis of legislation (including the preparation and submission of comments on public drafts)

We combine a practical hands on approach with a deep understanding of the impact of chemical regulation on the industrial chemicals formulating industry. Tony is a chemical products safety professional with more than 20 years' regulatory experience in blue chip companies such as Unilever and ICI (working for National Starch & Chemical).

Tony has excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with an extensive experience of engagement with UK regulatory competent authorities gained whilst representing his business trade associations as well as working within industry groups at CIA and CEFIC. He has a proven ability to influence the decisions of senior management in order to achieve regulatory compliance. Tony is a Council member of the Chemical Hazards Communication Society (CHCS), a past chair of BASA's Packaging Adhesives WP and FEICA's Hazardous Products WP. He is currently working as a consiltant for FEICA on sustainable development as well as some packaing adhesive issues.

Alpha Adhesives & Sealants Ltd

Llewellyn Close
Sandy Lane Industrial Estate,
DY13 9RH
Tel: 01299 828626
Fax: 01299 828666

Manufacture Adhesives, Sealants, and Coatings.

Brands and Products

Thixofix, Thixofix Eco, S 1358, Panelguard

Anglo Adhesives Ltd

Anglo House
The Airfield
Dalby Road
Melton Mowbray
LE13 0BL
Tel: 01664 480 866
Fax: 01664 480 963

Industrial Adhesive manufacturers and Suppliers of Sealants Solvents & Chemicals.
Anglo Adhesives, founded in 1905, has for over 100 years supplied industrial adhesives and allied products to all industries
The company specialises in manufacturing
bespoke solvent based and water based Adhesives, both own brand and under customers’ own label.
Anglo supplies to a wide customer base, including: Packaging, point of purchase, sign, automotive stationery, art and craft Education, construction, insulation, leather goods, self adhesive labels and many more.
Anglo’s wide range of adhesive and allied products, research & development capability and first-class customer service operations, are at our customers’ service to ensure that Anglo will be out in front of its competitors for another 100 years Anglo offer a comprehensive contract filling and
packaging service.

Brands and Products

Surestik, Anglosol, Superstik, Crisbond, Solibond, Crispin, Aquebond, Aatex, Anglo

Apollo Chemicals Ltd

Sandy Way
Amington Ind Est
B77 4DS
Tel: 01827 54281
Fax: 01827 53030

Mr J.H. Saunders, Chairman
Mr I.J. Cornelius, Managing Director
Mr M.E. Penton, Innovation Director
Mr S.J. Gibson, Operations Director
Mr G.N. Cooper, Sales Manager
Ms S.V. Lovett, Marketing Manager
Mr D.S. Tibbins, Technical Manager
Mr R.L. Purchase, Process Engineering and Facilities Manager
Mr J. Follows, Compliance Manager
Mr P. Shelton, Supply Chain Manager
Mrs K. Savery, Commercial Finance Manager

Apollo is the UK’s largest privately-owned liquid adhesive, sealant & coating manufacturer. We supply high-performance products worldwide across a range of industrial, construction, roofing and end-user markets. Supply is direct and via distributors, under Apollo and private-label brands.

Established in 1972 in Tamworth, Apollo’s vision is to become the unseen coating, adhesive and primer manufacturer of our customers’ businesses. Our vision is in sync with building long-term partnerships by adding value and building trust - the ethos inspired by Apollo’s founder (Robert Saunders).

At Apollo, we have great people who are passionate about solving customer problems. We strive to add value across our entire supply chain, which is communicated via our brand promise ‘more than adhesives’.

Range of Markets/Products:

Apollo Adhesive Solutions (Industrial):
Adhesives, sealants and coatings for doors, caravans, foam conversion, insulation, offsite construction, joinery, transport, bookbinding and marine applications. Including solvent-free and solvent-based single-component and two-component moisture-curing polyurethane (MCPU) adhesives, moisture-curing polyurethane (MCPU) canister adhesives, solvent-free & solvent-based polyurethane (PU) adhesives, Fastack two-component polyuerthane (PU) adhesives, reactive PUR hot-melt adhesives, solvented contact adhesives and water-based adhesives.

Apollo Construction Solutions:
Adhesive and resin products for aggregate binding, onsite construction, offsite construction and hygienic wall cladding systems. Including resins, solvent-free gel polyurethane (PU) adhesives, solvent-free & solvent-based single-component and two-component moisture-curing polyurethane (MCPU) adhesives, two-component solvent-free polyurethane (PU) adhesives, MS polymer adhesives and solvented contact adhesives.

Apollo Roofing Solutions:
Adhesive and coating products for single-ply, felt, liquid roofing, up-stand & detail work and balcony systems. Including solvent-free and solvent-based single-component moisture-curing polyurethane (MCPU) adhesives, moisture-curing polyurethane (MCPU) canister adhesives, solvented polyurethane (PU) adhesives, two-component polyurethane PU adhesives, twin-pack cartridge (PU) adhesives, gel polyurethane (PU) adhesives, polyurethane (PU) coatings, water-based adhesives, contact canister adhesives and solvent-based contact adhesives.

Private-label, bespoke solutions, product training, technical support, compliance support, marketing support, logistics.

Brands and Products

Fast-tack, Rotahead, Astrolok Stressfree, Astromelt, Apollo, InsuBond, FleeceBond, MemBond, Upstand, RoofSeal, RoofBond, RoofPrime, MemClean

ARDEX UK Limited.

Homefield Road, Haverhill, CB9 8QP.
Tel: 01440 714939
Fax: 01440 716660

Manufaturer of premium quality tiling products, flooring products and construction materials.

Brands and Products

Ardex, Ardex-Flex, Arditex

Arizona Chemical

Transistorstraat 16
1322 CE Almere
Tel: (+)31 36 546 2800
Fax: (+)31 36 546 2873

Established in 1930, Arizona Chemical is the leading producer and bio-refiner of pine chemicals – supplying the adhesive market with a wide variety of tackifying resins. Its products are made from renewable resources and are compatible with a broad range of technologies: from low application temperature hot melt adhesives to high performance water-based adhesives. The broad product portfolio can be used in numerous applications, such as tapes and labels, packaging, non-woven, bookbinding and flooring.
In addition, Arizona Chemical provides fatty acids, resins, terpenes and their derivatives to various industries, including tires, coatings, lubricants, roads, construction and pavement marking.
Our research laboratories ensure a continuous development of new technologies with 10 manufacturing locations in Europe and US. Our global sales offices – in the Netherlands (Almere), Russia (Moscow) the U.S. (Jacksonville, Fla.) and in Asia (Singapore, Shanghai) – guarantee timely supply to our customers worldwide.

Brands and Products


Ashland Performance Materials

Ashland Performance Materials
Ashland UK Ltd
Vale Industrial Estate
Worcestershire DY11 7QU
Tel: 01562 821300
Fax: 01562 740785

Ashland Specialty Polymers and Adhesives Division is a leading producer of high performance pressure sensitive adhesives and structural adhesives serving the industrial, converting, transportation, medical and construction industries.

Aroset adhesives are solvent based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives with outstanding clarity, tack peel strength and resistance to UV, oxidation and heat resistance over a wide temperature range. These adhesives are manufactured in the United Kingdom as well as the US and are typically used in applications such as labels, decals, transfer films, mounting foam tapes, vinyl graphics, medical and removable.

Pliogrip adhesives are two-part polyurethane adhesives and are used for bonding thermosetting composites, including SMC, RTM, FRP, SRIM, pultrusions, carbon fibre composites and many others. They are specified wherever critical performance is required and OEM approved. In addition to transportation applications, Pliogrip adhesive technology has been specified for aerospace, infrastructure, industrial, and aftermarket repair applications. These products have been specified for bonding composite body panel assemblies, specialty components, under-the-hood and vehicle framing applications.

There is a Technical Support Laboratory based in the UK, which allows a quick response to customers needs for custom designed adhesives and coater ready products by not only being able to make compounding modifications but also being able to make changes to the polymer during the manufacturing process. The on-going research at Ashland allows the development of new marketable technologies which address customer needs.

Ashland's manufacturing sites are ISO registered and remain committed to safety, quality and to world-class manufacturing, customer service and technical.

Brands and Products

Jaypol™ Aquazol™ Adtac™ Gantrez™ Nuosept™ Aroset™ Pliogrip™ PureRad™ PureSeal™ Purelam™
Purethane™ Purekote™ Jaypol™ Aquazol™ Gantrez™ Nuosept™ Aroset™ Pliogrip™ PureSeal™

Azelis UK Ltd

Alexander House,
Crown Gate,
Tel: 01928 793000

Azelis UK Ltd is an established specialty chemical distributor, part of the Azelis group of companies.
We have dedicated team of sales managers who provide specialist technical information to the Adhesives and Coatings sectors.